TPH KING PT Series provides the perfect solution for small and medium-sized data centers, communication rooms, IT networks, and any mission critical application that requires high power and energy efficiency.

  • Input power factor 0.99
  • Output power factor PF1, kVA = kW
  • Harmonic distortion THiD input ≤ 3%
  • Efficiency 96.6% VFI
  • Zero transfer time
  • Sinusoidal voltage, filtered & stabilized
  • Parallelable up to 30 units (7.5MW)
  • Footprint <0.35m2 up to 60kW
  • High short circuit capacity (3 x In)
  • Continuous overload up to 120%
  • Flexible battery configuration
  • Full discharge battery protection
  • ONLINE / OFFLINE operating mode
  • RS232, basic dry contact port and bluetooth

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TPH KING PT Series 10 – 250kVA (325 KB)
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