KR33 Series 300-1200kVA

KR33 Series 300-1200kVA

Green Power

  • Input PF >0.996 and THDi<2%, less power pollution and lower TCO
  • AC/AC efficiency up to 97%, less operation cost and more energy saving
  • ECO mode efficiency up to 99%
  • Output power factor up to 1, more powerful to connect more critical loads
  • Compliance with RoHS standard, innocuous and environmental friendly
  • Design in accordance to International EMC and Safety standard
  • 3 level IGBT technology for higher efficiency and minimized interference to grid


  • SNMP or RS485/RS232+ dry contact, Modbus (option)

Advanced Technology

  • Super wide input voltage range -40%~+25% for higher grid adaptability
  • Dual DSP control for high performance
  • Intelligent fan speed control reduce noise and prolongs fan life
  • Anti-corrosion resistant coating for all PCB boards
  • Full protection with input, output, bypass, maintenance bypass and battery breaker
  • ECO mode and EPO function


  • Support parallel mode up to 9.6MVA
  • Input and output isolation transformer
  • Battery under-voltage protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, input over-voltage protection
  • Reduce noise to lower than <75db
  • Output voltage and ECO mode are selectable via LCD
  • 25~200A charging current settable via software
  • Options are displayed in 7 languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Polish, Italian and Korean
Items KR33300 KR33400 KR33500 KR33600 KR33800 KR331000 KR331200
Rate Voltage 380/400/415
Voltage Range 228-477 (-40%~+25%)
Phase 3Ph+N+PE
Frequency Range (Hz) 50/60±10% (±5% settable)
Power Factor ≥ 0.99
THDi ≤ 2% full load, ≤ 4% half load, ≤ 5% 30% load
Input   Voltage (Vac) 380/400/415   (-25%~+20% )
Frequency Range 50/60Hz±10% (±5%    optional)
Phase 3Ph+N+PE
Output Voltage (Vac) 380/400/415±1%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60±0.5%
THDv Pure sine wave, THD<1% (linear load), THD<3%   (nonlinear  load)
PF 0.9 (1.0 optional)
Max. Efficiency 97%
Phase 3Ph+N+PE
Overload 110% load for 60 min   , 125% load for 10 min, 150% load for 1  min
Voltage (Vdc)* 480 (12V battery from 32   to 44 cells settable) 528 (12V battery from 32 to 48 cells settable)
Charging Current (A) 25-100 25-200
Battery Management Self-load test function
Communication Interface RS232, RS485, Dry contact, MODBUS, SNMP (optional)
Display 7-inch touch screen+LED
Operating Temperature (℃) -5~40
Alarm Input abnormal, battery low-voltage, output overload, UPS  failure
Protection Short-circuit, overload, over-temperature, battery   under voltage, input under voltage
Noise (dB) <75
Altitude (m) 1500
Dimension (W×D×H) (mm) 1000×900×1950 1400×900×1950 1900×900×1950 3000×900×1950
Weight (kg) 750 1100 1450 2400
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