Technical Consultation

Tư vấn kỹ thuật, tư vấn lắp đặt

VBS provides technical consulting services for UPS products with full processes by highly skilled and enthusiastic technical team. Coming to us, customers will receive dedicated advice on all technical specifications, installation procedures as well as instructions on how to use the product effectively.

Therefore, VBS provides UPS system installation services with the following process:

Before installation:

  • On-site survey of installation, basic introduction of UPS functions.
  • Recommended equipment and supplies: Electrical wires, CB… meet standards

Verify current status:

  • Installation space.
  • Technical specifications of cables.
  • Technical specifications of CBs.

Installation process:

  • Remove the tank cover and check the general external condition.
  • Check accessories
  • Make connections according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Test operation before connecting to the load.
  • Check I/O number, switch between Linemode and Batmode two modes.
  • Complete connection to download device.

Acceptance and handover:

  • Communication desk and instructions.
  • Instruct customers on how to use UPS operations.
  • Instructions for UPS maintenance and servicing.

VBS will provide full UPS technical advice to customers before, during and after installation anytime, anywhere, with attractive prices and guaranteed quality.

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